LED streetlights have benefited cities, towns and communities with energy savings, lower maintenance costs and increased safety. With lessons learned from years of LED conversions, specifiers and communities are demanding additional benefits, including livability and visual comfort. As a result, warmer color temperatures are being used, especially in residential areas. There is also increased attention on providing glare control for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and residents.

In response, LEOTEK developed ComfortView™. Now neighborhoods can be beautifully lit with more visual comfort than first-generation LED luminaires while maintaining safety and energy efficiency.

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LEOTEK ComfortView™ streetlights utilize a new approach to address glare for neighborhood streets. Traditional first-generation LED optical systems incorporate a single optical lens over the LED. The patented two-stage optical system in ComfortView™ incorporates a second refractor optic, which reduces glare and maximizes visual comfort.

To further reduce the harsh contrast between the light source and the dark sky, ComfortView™ incorporates an intermediate lower luminance “transition zone,” which directs internally reflected light back out of the luminaire.

As with LEOTEK’s other GreenCobra® LED Streetlights, ComfortView™ is built with durable high-strength materials and reliable components, and is backed by LEOTEK’s 10-Year Warranty and 20 years of experience building LED lighting products.

  • Purpose-built light engine with optics that provide:
    • Reduced pixelation
    • Uniform source luminance
    • Low contrast transition zone
  • Clean cobra-head form
  • IP-66 Rated Optical Systems
  • Field-installable light trespass shields.  Four different types to address most issues
  • Four standard color temperatures: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K
  • Standard field-adjustable lumen output with integrated output selector
  • The ComfortView™ light engine and fixture are impact resistant with an IK-10 Rating
  • 2700 and 3000K ComfortView fixtures are certified as Community Friendly Lighting Equipment by the Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance (SOLA)
  • Durable powder coat paint finish with 5000-hour salt spray exposure rating
  • Rubber wildlife guard option conforms to mast arm with no gaps
  • 2 hour burn-in and 100% tested to performance specifications before shipping
  • Type 2 & Type 3 optics
  • 10 Year Standard Warranty


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HPS Equivalent Range

Length Width Height
18.35″ 9.55″ 4.78″
466mm 243mm 121mm