~ 2021 ~

Leotek Chosen for Chicago’s
Street Light Modernization Program

After a rigorous qualification process,
Leotek’s GreenCobra streetlight was selected
for arterial roadways and alley applications.

~ 2020 ~

Leotek Awarded Patent
for Edge-Lit Technology

New ComfortGuide™
Area Light for
Low Glare Applications

~ 2020 ~

ComfortView™ LED Street Light Brings
Visual Comfort to Small Town America

Small towns in the Northeast United States
have done complete retrofits, allowing them
to save on energy and maintenance costs

~ 2019 ~

Industry’s First 
Comfortable Street Light

Engineered to reduce
glare for pedestrian
& residential applications

View a Short Video of
“The ComfortView™ Story”

Leotek’s innovative solution to
alleviate discomforting glare
in Neighborhood Street Lights

~ 2018 ~

Leotek Proposes
New Glare Metric

Beyond the G Rating: Evaluating Visual
in Street and Area Lighting

~ 2018 ~

Integrated Outdoor Lighting
Solutions with CLTC

Leotek & CLTC study
networked lighting controls

~ 2017 ~

Leotek Ships
2,000,000th Luminaire

Since 1992, Leotek
has become a leading
global manufacturer of
LED lighting products for
Street, Area & Traffic applications.

~ 2016 ~

Industry’s First Full Family
of LED Street Lights Introduced

 GreenCobra™ Series Includes:
GreenCobra “Junior (GCJ),
GreenCobra “Medium” (GCM) & 
GreenCobra “Large” (GCL)

~ 2014 ~

Easy Install, High-Efficacy
Area Lighting Line Launched

Suited for architectural applications, such as:
campuses, office complexes, public parks & parking lots

~ 2014 ~

Network Adaptive Exterior
Lighting Project with CLTC

Leotek & CLTC study
networked lighting controls

~ 2013 ~

Los Angeles Completes World’s
Largest LED Street Light Retrofit

Leotek “GreenCobra” Series
chosen for retrofit to save the city
an estimated 63% on electricity costs

~ 2012 ~

Leotek Selected for
DOE SSL Gateway Project

City of San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

~ 2012 ~

Leotek Participates in
DOE Gateway Project

City of
Portland, Oregon

~ 2010 ~

Leotek Introduces the Industry’s
First Cobra-Head LED Street Light

Leotek introduced the
“GreenCobra” Series
GC1 LED Street Light

~ 2010 ~

Energy Efficient
LED Street Light Pilot Study

DOT/Howard University
District of Columbia

~ 2008 ~

Leotek Participates in
DOE Gateway Project

City of
San Francisco, California

~ 2008 ~

Leotek Participates in
DOE Gateway Project

City of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

~ 2008 ~

Leotek Participates in
DOE Gateway Project

City of
Oakland, California

~ 2008 ~

Toronto Selects Leotek
for Pilot Installation Project

Ontario, Canada

~ 2007 ~

Leotek Launches Industry’s
 LED Street Light

Leotek’s SLN
75 lumens per watt

~ 1999 ~

Leotek Introduces First
LED Traffic Signals

Leotek is now the largest supplier
of Traffic & Transit Signal
products in North America

~ 1992 ~


Leotek is now a leading global
manufacturer of street, roadway,
area and signal lighting products