Technical Assistance

Please contact your local Sales Representative prior to contacting Leotek directly. Technical assistance is available from our Technical Support Department during the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST), Monday through Friday, excluding major US holidays. Please provide the Model Number of the product you are inquiring about.

Technical Support: Contact


Return Material Authorization

Prior to returning any product for repair or credit, Leotek requires that a Return Material Authorization (RMA) be issued. The RMA can only be issued by Leotek. To request an RMA, please fill out and submit the following form. Once the form has been returned to you, ensure that you mark your shipment container with the RMA number.

Download the Leotek RMA form.

Forward completed forms to Customer Support: E-Mail

Forms can also be faxed to 408-518-8128

After you have been advised to ship your material back for repair or credit, please mark your shipment container with the RMA number given to you by Leotek. Additionally, please include a return address and your contact information with the shipment. Products with an RMA number assigned should be shipped to: Leotek Electronics USA ‐ 1955 Lundy Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131

Leotek’s Customer Service Team can be reached via phone at 408-380-1788, press 0