The Newly Reimagined LEOTEK GreenCobra® Series Offers Four Sizes to Deliver the Lumen Packages and Appropriate Housing Scale for virtually any Street and Area Light Application The 4432 Upgrade.

The LEOTEK GreenCobra series continues to be the standard-bearer in the market in terms of performance, reliability, and value. Over the last 10+ years, 3,000,000 GreenCobra LED streetlights have been installed, consistently providing safe passage to drivers and pedestrians.

GreenCobra portfolio expands to include the new GCJ4, GCM4, GCL3 and GC2. This game changing collective is known as the 4432. These new offerings retain the same familiar form and size as the previous models but have been re-engineered to provide a significantly higher lumen output while managing luminaire heat dissipation to maintain high lumen maintenance values.

The 4432 strikes a balance between price, high efficacy, and high lumen maintenance. With the new 4432, customers now have a new option to consider for their project, a higher lumen output in a downsized housing. This means customers can benefit from reduced project costs, more diverse applications, and a substantial reduction on the demand of raw materials necessary to produce a larger housing, creating an even greener tomorrow.

The Upgraded Series features:

  • Significantly increased lumen package:
    • GCJ4 (+50%)
    • GCM4 (+30%)
    • GCL3 (+21%)
    • GC2 (+19%)
  • Same familiar form and size
  • Re-engineered to manage luminaire heat dissipation to maintain high lumen maintenance values
  • Lower demand on raw materials

GreenCobra Color Temperature Update

2200K and 2700K added to LEOTEK GreenCobra Series streetlights

Mimics Traditional High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lights: With the addition of the 2200K and 2700K color temperatures, our GreenCobra Series streetlights now provide a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of traditional HPS lights. This ensures familiarity and ease of transition for communities accustomed to the warm glow of traditional lighting.

Ideal for Residential Areas: We understand that different environments call for different lighting atmospheres. The 2200K and 2700K options cater to residential areas where a softer, warmer hue is preferred. Whether it’s illuminating neighborhood streets, pathways, or parks, this option adds a touch of warmth and optical comfort to residential landscapes.

Dark Sky Friendly: Color temperatures 3000K and below, available for the GreenCobra Series, meet the standards set by the International Dark Sky Association. By minimizing light pollution and reducing glare, these streetlights contribute to preserving the natural beauty of the night sky, making them an environmentally responsible choice for communities worldwide.

LEOTEK Color Temp

GC2-96N with 20% More Lumen Output and New 4F Distribution Lens

Introducing the latest addition to the GC2 “N” Series, the GC2-96N. This enhanced model maintains the well-known form and size of its predecessor, while boasting an impressive light output of nearly 43,000 lumens. This represents a remarkable 20% increase compared to the previous GC2-96G. Additionally, the GC2-96N features a new innovative 4F optical distribution lens, designed to deliver even more forward light than the standard type 4 lens found in other models.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Equivalent Range



Length Width Height
18.35″ 9.55″ 4.78″
466mm 243mm 121mm


Length Width Height
21.60″ 12.20″ 5.40″
551mm 310mm 137mm


Length Width Height
25.20″ 15.20″ 5.70″
640mm 386mm 145mm


Length Width Height
30.31″ 15.75″ 6.45″
770mm 400mm 164mm

For a complete profile of the GreenCobra® LED Streetlight Series please reference the GreenCobra Overview Brochure

  • Sized for residential street applications.
  • Lumen packages up to 14,400 lumens.

  • Mid-size covers commercial and wider local streets.
  • Lumen packages up to 24,900 lumens.
  • High lumen output for commercial intersections and high-speed roadways.
  • Lumen packages up to 35,600 lumens.


  • High lumen output for commercial intersections and high-speed roadways.
  • Lumen packages up to 42,800 lumens.