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Performance LED Flood, Site & Area and OFF-Roadway Solutions

VersaTEK Series

Versatility by Design – Designed for ultimate project versatility with the perfect combination of power, performance, features and durability for any Flood, Site & Area and OFF-Roadway application. Up to 65,500 lumens & efficacies as high as 194 LPW, 14 mounting options, wide range of performance optics & shield options, standard 50°C high-ambient & IP66 design and tool-free electrical access, while weighing only 30-38 lbs for safe & easy installation. VersaTEK is the true definition of ‘Versatility by Design’.

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Versatility by Design – Product Applications



A value-driven solution for any flood application where the VersaTEK Flood’s product reliability & performance is paired with lineman-friendly installation & hassle-free maintenance design to help provide the lowest total cost of ownership possible over an expected installed service life of 10-20 years.

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VersaTEK-Site & Area

Site & Area

With a clean free flowing low-profile design, the pole arm mount blends seamlessly into any environment or application. Performance factory rotatable optics & multiple field installable shield options allows for extremely uniform illumination that looks amazing while providing visual safety & trespass control for demanding installations.

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Providing a safety-focused solution for the drivers on your busy roads & highways and the crews that install & maintain the luminaires year-round. VersaTEK’s OFF-Roadway Series performance optics with the ability to tilt for maximum coverage & uniformity makes our roads & highways safer for all during any nighttime driving condition.

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Versatility by Design – 14 Mounting Options to Choose From

With a max weight less than 38 lbs. (pole arm mount shown 30 lbs.) and a low-profile design of 3.7”, the high wattage VersaTEK Large Series can deliver up to 65,500 lumens with efficacies as high as 194 LPW.

Making single person installation safe & easy vs. many of our competitor’s solutions that weigh 50 lbs. or more with similar performance.

Versatility by Design – Key Product Features

Integral Tool-Free Access Design

Tool-free electrical access & removable hinged door w/ fixed open door prop design for ease of installation or maintenance (compatible w/ most lineman safety gloves)


Slipfitter w/ UL Splice Box &
Self-Centering Design

Includes integral UL recognized splice compartment and internal ‘star’ detail to assist with self-centering & leveling during installation (w/ 5-wire lead access & WAGOs for ease of installation, compatible w/ 1-5/8”, 2-3/8” & 3” O.D. tenons)

Tool-Free Removable
Power Door Option ‘PWRD’

All serviceable electrical components are mounted to a tool-free removable Power Door that can be removed in less than 15 seconds to safely service on the ground or replace in seconds (undo MOLEX connectors, push two spring clips inward to unlock door, slide the door forward & lift to remove)

Pass-Thru Convective Cooling

(3) integral cooling slots allows ambient air to flow freely thru the luminaire for enhanced thermal management (maximizes lifetime of electrical components & lumen maintenance)

3-Position Terminal Block ‘TB’ Option

For ease of install/maintenance & increased safety, improved wire management & robust product life cycle operation (includes line, neutral & ground)

Performance Selector ‘PS’ Option

Allows for quick & easy field adjustment of wattage, lumen output and reduced SKU complexity (fixed position dial ensures correct output setting)

Versatility by Design –Finish Options

Coastal Finish ‘CF’ option is available for all standard paint colors, contact factory for custom finish options

Site & Area Performance Data

OFF-Roadway Performance Data

Flood Performance Data

Engineered to meet the most demanding performance, safety, reliability and core functional specifications in today’s demanding Utility, Municipal, DOT and Commercial outdoor lighting markets & applications, the VersaTEK Series from LEOTEK is ready to lead where our competition can only follow.

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