Human-Centric Lighting
is Revolutionizing Safety.

By implementing smart street
lighting systems, we can increase the comfort,
safety, and longevity of our cities.

LEOTEK Receives Recognition
as Dual Edison Awards Winner

2022 Winner for Two Innovations
 in “Critical Human Infrastructure” Category
for New Technology Developments

LEOTEK Receives Special Citation
for ComfortView Street Light

National Lighting Bureau 
2021 Art & Science
of Lighting Awards

 Field Tuning of
Light Distribution

Field-installable shields can
help address unforeseen
light trespass issues

IK-10 Impact
Testing Standards

LEOTEK’s GreenCobra® family of
LED street lights meet the highest
impact resistance testing standards

160 LPW 
Street Lights

LEOTEK’s GreenCobra™ Series consistently offers the
industry’s highest efficiency and ROI

Performance and
Reliability Testing

LEOTEK’s lighting products are subject
to 100%, “burn-in” reliability testing and
performance testing prior to shipment

ISO 9001

LEOTEK is compliant with
ISO9001 manufacturing and
quality control standard

Understanding Discomfort Glare
in Residential Street Lighting

It’s now possible for neighborhoods
to be more visually comfortable
and beautifully lit with LED lighting

Street Lighting
Glare Metrics

There is an increasing need to
properly evaluate street light luminaires
with regard to visual comfort