LEOTEK Employment Opportunities

LEOTEK follows a systematic recruitment screening process. We offer competitive wages and benefits, and an entrepreneurial work environment.

For employment consideration, please submit a resume that includes the following information:

  • Name, address, phone number, and e-mail contact information at the top of the document.
  • Desired position.
  • Geographical location preference for living/working.
  • Working knowledge (reading and/or writing) of languages other than English.
  • A minimum record of four previous employers, or eight-year consecutive employment history, with brief job descriptions noted.
  • All formal education, with dates listed.
  • All continuing education, or specialized skill set training.

Please submit resume via e-mail only: Click Here

LEOTEK is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Open Positions:

Business Development Manager – Southeast United States

Marketing Specialist

Production Management Control

Customer Quality Engineer

Business Development Manager – South America

Program Manager – Connected Lighting/IOT

Customer Service Representative

Quality Control Inspector:

  • Inspect in-process or finished production assemblies and sub-assemblies for conformance to quality assurance standards.
  • Evaluate new procedures for non-standard rest and perform set-up on new equipment and make recommendations for capital expenditures and manpower for the inspection area.
  • Need QC experience of 1-3 years


  • Responsibility for all post-sales warranty and technical issues.
  • Help diagnose product issues and determine the level of urgency.
  • Perform data entry and timely issuance of RMAs/credit memos, especially by the period-end deadline.
  • RMA technician experience 1-3 years.

Warehouse Clerk:

  • Skilled in the use of a forklift as well as various equipment required to perform duties.
  • Ability to accurately inspect incoming shipments and compare them to purchase orders.
  • Capability to take physical inventory accurately and efficiently.
  • Must have the ability to be flexible and adapt to change readily.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of warehouse experience

Production Operators:

  • Implement assembly, test, and inspect for issues, operate during the production process, and ensure all safety procedures are followed.
  • Open and unpack light housing to be used for assembly.
  • Perform regular checks to ensure the quality of products and scan labels for rack specifications.
  • Assemblers will follow detailed assembly instructions, processes, procedures, and SOP.

Employee Testimonials

Working at LEOTEK provides me an opportunity to work with great people and be part of a company that provides a product that contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption.  LEOTEK is a very worker friendly environment where everyone gets along and works as a team.  Meeting the demanding requirements of our diverse customers including Municipalities, DOTs, and Utilities provides a challenging and rewarding environment. – Quotations and Applications Engineering Manager

I love working at LEOTEK as it gives an opportunity to help grow a world-wide company and the ability to try new things. The drive to serve customers and solve their problems is universal. This drive comes from people of every language and culture. I enjoy diverse work environments and a smaller, less structured company – Marketing Director

Diversity of people and their culture is most interesting to me, LEOTEK gave me this chance to better know a world of differences with a new outlook, thank you all diverse friends. – Engineering Assistant

Never thought about working for lighting industry until I joined LEOTEK.  This expands my world and vision on how the business has been operated which is very different from my previous experience in consumer electronics.  Here, we deal with Government bids.  Every day is new, because you always have something to learn from the products, people and business, this is quite cool especially when you work with those smart people and how to make the products “smart’….now I would say that I even feel smarter than before. – Product Manager

 LEOTEK Electronics is a great company that has provided me a wide range of opportunities to learn and develop as a newly graduated engineer. I’ve had opportunities to research into new technologies, create technical reports, and give presentations to higher management. Due to my various projects, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with almost everybody in our office, which is a rarity. As a result of that, I’ve been given invaluable guidance, help, and support from my experienced colleagues. As a recent graduate, I can definitely say that this is a company that is helping me become a better engineer every day.  – Product Engineer

Since the first day I started at LEOTEK I have noticed a friendly and supportive environment with good-natured employees in such a long lasting and sustainable corporation. I am truly happy and glad to be a part of LEOTEK. If I have an opportunity, I would refer friends and ex-coworkers to join our company – Billing Specialist