Suited for numerous applications, including parking lots, campuses, office complexes, streets and public parks, Arieta™ N-Series is available in a wide range of lumen packages, up to 40,000 lumens. Universal mounting design allows for attachment to virtually any pole without re-drilling, and the luminaire’s minimal profile creates an appealing and unobtrusive day form.  This makes Arieta™ the perfect replacement for the shoebox luminaire.

  • Two housing sizes (AR13 and AR18) to fit a broad range of applications from pedestrian walkways using 15 ft. poles to large parking lots using 40 ft poles.
  • Multiple discrete LEDs offer low glare.
  • Ten year warranty with 100,000 hour-rated light engines and power supplies.
  • Universal mounting design allows for attachment to pole without re-drilling in retrofit applications.
  • Factory programmed part night dimming (PND) and motion sensor options.

Arieta N Series offers improved performance and new features:

  • Upgraded luminaire efficacy with lumen packages up to 40,000 lumens for 1000W HID equivalent.
  • Back Light Shield (BLS option) designed to meet strict light trespass and LEED requirements.  BLS can also be field-installed unlike competitors that require factory-installed optics for similar performance.
  • New Auto Front Row optics (AFR option) designed to enhance light levels at site perimeter while minimizing wattage and backlight.

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