LEOTEK Receives Two Edison Awards
for Innovative Developments in Lighting Technology
LEOTEK is proud to be recognized for exceptional technological achievement by the 2022 Edison Awards
in the “Critical Human Infrastructure“ Category for two exciting new technological developments.

Human-Centric Smart Street Lighting System

2022 Edison Gold Award Winner in the Critical Human Infrastructure Category

While driving, many people experience eye strain and discomfort caused by excessive roadway glare during wet conditions. LEOTEK’s patented AI smart lighting system improves traffic safety by dynamically  changing luminaire’s photometric configuration, both illuminance and luminance, by adapting to the road condition so that glare reflected by wet surface of road is decreased.

Better Driving Safety
  • Reduces glare reflected by the wet surface of road
  • Improves eye comfort for drivers when driving in adverse conditions
  • Improves traffic and road safety

Utilizing AI technology, LEOTEK’s Human-Centric Smart Lighting System is designed to detect and evaluate the reflective state of the road surface on rainy days to automatically adjust a luminaire’s photometric configuration so glare reflected by the wet roadway surface is greatly reduced. The resulting configuration achieves optimal lighting performance, provides more visual comfort for drivers, and improves traffic safety within cities during adverse weather conditions, such as rain and fog.   View the Edison Awards Winners

Ecologically Friendly Smart Lighting

2022 Edison Bronze Award Winner in the Critical Human Infrastructure Category

Annually in South Central Taiwan, normally during the mating season, millions of what are referred to as ‘pedicel’ ants appear. In recent years, climate change and increased urbanization have caused these flying ants to swarm in greater numbers. These swarms are attracted to traditional LED lighting, and in addition to causing a public nuisance, the mating behaviors of this species are disrupted.

Ecology professor Chung-Chi Lin, from National Changhua University of Education, studied this behavior as it relates to lighting and working in conjunction with LEOTEK, developed a luminaire to address these issues.

LEOTEK’s Ecological Conservation Smart Lighting luminaire incorporates an “optical filter front mask” which eases the disruption of the ants’ mating behaviors. The patented mask, which is produced using an exclusive dye technology, can effectively filter out the blue spectrum that attracts the ants, while continuing to maintain high lumen output and reduced energy consumption equivalent to conventional LED streetlights. The result is a far safer, more ecologically balanced environment.    View the Edison Awards Winners