Leotek street and area lighting products enable smart city control technologies from virtually all wireless control manufacturers.

This is made possible by the industry standard (ANSI C136.41) 7-wire photocontrol receptacle. ANSI 7-wire receptacles, when installed in a luminaire, allow the attachment and operation of any control node designed to the standard.

Leotek luminaires specified with ANSI 7-wire receptacles (using PCR7 or PCR7-CR options) offer the benefits of flexibility and freedom of choice. Specifiers and end users can choose the wireless control system that best meets their needs independent of the luminaire.

For more information on this receptacle, refer to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association website HERE

The PCR7 and PCR7-CR Photcontrol Receptacle Accepts Wireless Control Node or Standard Photocell


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Below are some of the manufacturers that offer ANSI C136.41 compatible control nodes.