Energy Efficient:

One of the primary advantages of LED streetlights is their remarkable energy efficiency. LEDs consume up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting sources, translating into substantial cost savings for municipalities and communities. This not only alleviates the financial burden on local governments but also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions.

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GreenCobra High-Efficiency – “GreenCobra portfolio also expands to include the new GCJ4GCM4 and GCL3. This game changing collective is known as the 443. These new offerings retain the same familiar form and size as the previous models but have been re-engineered to provide a significantly higher lumen output while managing luminaire heat dissipation to maintain high lumen maintenance values.”

LEOTEK to Restore Safety to Memphis Streets for Drivers and Pedestrians – “LED streetlight conversion project has two significant benefits. First, the project will essentially pay for itself from the electrical cost savings over the life of the program. Second, the city took one step closer in becoming greener by reducing greenhouse gas and its carbon footprint. A city the size of Memphis should save about 55% or more on electricity and reduce greenhouse emissions by more than 26,000 metric tons per year.”

Connectivity Enabled:

In the rapid evolution of urban development, LEOTEK pioneers advancements in streetlight infrastructure connectivity. Our hard work lies not in boastful claims but in the quiet revolution of luminaire designs that embody innovation. With a focus on technology and quality of life for communities, our lights help redefine urban lighting systems, offering a subtle yet powerful transformation. LEOTEK’s commitment to interconnectivity empowers transportation departments, utilities, and municipalities with the tools needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of urban development.

Our streetlights aren’t just fixtures; they are cornerstones for the cities of tomorrow. LEOTEK illuminates a path toward the future with features that enable wireless connectivity and communication, remote monitoring and adjustability, and effortless IoT device integration from traffic sensors to environmental monitors. These innovations are not merely upgrades but strategic investments. By embracing these technologies, cities can future-proof themselves, ensuring adaptability and sustainability for the ever-evolving demands of urban life. LEOTEK Electronics is more than a lighting solution provider; we are the architects of infrastructure connectivity, committed to shaping smarter, more connected cities that thrive on innovation and efficiency.

Additional Resources:

LEOTEK’s LED Streetlight Control Options – “Versatile options make it convenient and cost-efficient to retrofit for current applications or future upgrades.”

Project Profile – Memphis 3.0 – “The new LED lighting system will be equipped with cutting-edge sensors, wireless communication networks, and smart lighting controls, granting additional smart city applications.”

White Paper – Lighting the Way – “The LED streetlights then wirelessly receive the calculated control signals and modify the distribution and intensity of their light as necessary.”

2022 Edison Gold Award Winner in the Critical Human Infrastructure Category – “LEOTEK’s patented AI smart lighting system improves traffic safety by dynamically changing luminaire’s photometric configuration, both illuminance and luminance.”

Smart City Control Ready Luminaires – This is made possible by the industry standard (ANSI C136.41) 7-wire photocontrol receptacle. ANSI 7-wire receptacles, when installed in a luminaire, allow the attachment and operation of any control node designed to the standard.