At LEOTEK, our unwavering commitment to safety illuminates every aspect of our mission. Since our inception, safety has been the beacon that leads us in all our endeavors. We extend this commitment to our factory located in San Jose, CA, with a deep focus on safeguarding our dedicated workers. We also take into consideration the motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on the streets, the communities we safeguard and serve, and the skilled individuals responsible for installing our LED lighting products.

The installation of streetlights stands as a crucial pillar of urban infrastructure development. Yet, this essential task is not without its inherent risks, especially for the electrical utility workers who carry out these responsibilities. Accidents in this line of work can have far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the workers but also the communities they serve. Therefore, making utility worker safety a top priority is an absolute imperative.

At LEOTEK, we’ve given careful consideration and thought to the next generation of luminaires, with an unwavering focus on worker safety. The question we asked ourselves was simple yet profound: How can a lighting manufacturer like LEOTEK contribute to reducing injuries and enhancing safety for utility workers?

Starts with Design

Earlier this year, we unveiled the upgraded GreenCobra line of streetlights. Our engineers were able to increase the lumen output without the need to enlarge the luminaire’s size or, more crucially, its overall weight. Working at elevated heights poses safety risks, and providing utility workers with lighter-weight options not only enhances maneuverability but also reduces the likelihood of personal injuries caused by heavy equipment handling.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an absolute necessity in electrical utilities work. Workers must consistently wear essential protective gear, such as helmets, gloves, and safety glasses. However, we understand that sometimes this gear can be cumbersome. That’s why LEOTEK continues to provide tool-less maintenance doors, thumbscrews, and tool-less field installable shields, eliminating the need for overhead tool operations. We’re making sure that safety doesn’t come at the cost of comfort and ease of work.

Finishes with Commitment

Safety doesn’t stop at equipment and design. We believe in fostering a safety-first culture, where everyone is empowered to prioritize safety above all else. We actively encourage our factory workers to report safety concerns, creating an environment where safety is paramount, and going the extra mile to ensure safety is recognized and celebrated.

At LEOTEK, we don’t just consider safety a priority; we view it as a fundamental value. By meticulously adhering to these safety measures, we not only protect the well-being of our workers but also enhance the efficiency and reputation of our organization. We firmly believe that a robust safety culture is the cornerstone upon which we can build a safer, brighter future for everyone. With LEOTEK, you’re not just getting state-of-the-art lighting solutions; you’re getting a commitment to a safer, more illuminated world.

Charles Bellemare Marketing Director LEOTEK




Charles Bellemare is the Director of Marketing for LEOTEK Electronics.