For Commercial Retail Store Entries, Canopies, Soffits and Drive-Thru Applications, the EnduraLux™ LCN3 LED Canopy Light evenly illuminates fuel dispensers, reduces spill light and acheives the ultimate goal: reduced energy and maintenance costs. The LCN3 form minimizes visual clutter while providing extraordinary thermal management to ensure optimal LED performance.

  • Superior Performance: Outperforms and replaces HID and fluorescent systems. IP66 light engine rating
  • High Visibility Illumination: Outstanding vertical foot-candles. High CRI white light enhances visual acuity
  • Life Cycle Economies: Reduces energy costs by 50-80%. 60,000 hour projected life results in very low maintenance. Instant-start LEDs are compatible with inverters and battery back-up emergency lighting systems
  • Sustainable Design: Energy Efficiency reduces greenhouse gases. 100% mercury and lead-free. Reducing spill light significantly reduces contribution to urban sky glow

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