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Dumbarton Bridge Project | San Francisco Bay, California


When the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) decided to change out the high pressure sodium roadway lights on the Dumbarton Bridge over San Francisco Bay, they selected the Leotek GreenCobra™ LED Street Light for its superior lighting performance, substantial energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and reliability.

Philadelphia, PA


LED Street and Area Lighting

led_streetlightThe Arieta™ LED Area Luminaire

The ARIETA™ stands for Architectural, Retrofittable, Inexpensive, Energy saving, Technology leading, Area luminaire. Using the newest and highest performing LEDs available, in many applications a single Arieta using 264 watts can replace (2) 400W metal halide fixtures using a total of 930 system watts. This represents an energy saving of over 71%!

  • For all area lighting applications including parking lots, campuses, office complexes, streets and public parks.

  • Universal mounting design allows for attachment to pole without re-drilling in retrofit applications.

  • Utilizes state-of-the-art light emitting diodes which provide many times the light output of prior generation LEDs.

  • Specification Data Sheet | Brochure

led_streetlightThe ECobra-head™ LED Roadway Luminaire

The LED ECobra-head™ uses the latest LEDs, and combined with a new low cost housing design and superior optical performance, provides the greatest value and shortest payback of any LED street light available.

  • For street and roadway lighting applications.

  • Tool-less entry and removable power door for ease of maintenance.

  • Patent pending internal heat management system assures long LED life and minimal lumen depreciation without external heat fins.

  • Specification Data Sheet| Installation Guide

led_streetlightThe GreenCobra™ LED Street Light

The GC Series LED street light has become the industry standard for dozens of cities throughout North America with over 50,000 unit installed and counting. The superior optical performance, innovative mechanical features that facilitate installation and maintenance, and the familiar daytime form all contribute to the GreenCobra™'s astonishing success.